Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yes... I know I haven't really written anything for a very long time. My cousins had come visiting and I was busy hanging out with them and taking their case occasionally. But it was quite nice. We took a trip to Shirdi. And also a trip to Jiggs Kalra at Phoenix Mills (God I love that place!) The best part about the entire meal? The Paan shot at the end.
Anyway, the first rains have finally arrived in Mumbai. Reminds me of this poem I wrote quite sometime back. I guess... I'll put it up now. I hope you like it.

Its titled "The Tempest":

The rain, sinister and callous, surged
The clouds, laden and ominous, poured
The beads, chaste and sheer, fell
From the night firmament towards hell
They cleansed the terrain, the foliage
As if washing away the transgressions and rage
From the arena of contemporary mankind
To ameliorate our digression from the redundant grind
The divinity, showing its wrath
At the narcissistic verve, the soul sought
The thunder, vociferous and antagonistic
The lightning, assailing and frenetic
Striking the hapless milieu
A providence which was not due
The riotous shower showered ceaselessly
As it changed its tenor to benign and kindly
It then, caressed the earth, with an ardour
That was bereft of its bygone gleam of fervour
And as the storm reckoned to a tranquil
I drifted into another world by my window sill

I just love the smell after the first rains.
Waiting to see more of the Monsoons,
The Rambler


Sanskriti said...

The Poem! Its so beautiful! Ilove rains too. They are like the joy of a new beginning!

Sanskriti said...

The poem is beautiful!
Rains have the joy of new beginnings! :) (I love them so)

pandemonium said...

Thanks :)