Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where did the monsoons go?

Where in the whole wide world did the monsoons disappear? Its so hot right now in Bombay and we are nearing the end of June. Its supposed to be raining. That too torrential rain; not light showers. >.<
I need rain and I need it now! Its getting very annoying without the rains to gaze at romantically during the month of June. Or have zero visibility. Or see all the water on the roads.
The terrace of the new house gets awesome rains. :D Its completely open and the you can get drenched just standing out in the terrace. I used to do so on the pretext of getting the cane chairs inside. But now my mom had permanently shifted the cane chairs to the balconies which don't get as much rainfall. Imagine my disappointment.
Tomorrow I go back to school. To visit my teachers and all. Don't worry I am not going back to repeat some of my classes like that sitcom that used to come to star world whose name for some particularly annoying reason I can't remember now. >.<
Anyway, like I said, I am going back to school to check out how its been since I left. And then hopefully get Arrested Development.
And hopefully there will be some rain Saturday onwards.
Waiting for the skies to pour
The Rambler

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