Monday, May 2, 2011

UNCLE CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know why railways are the best form of train travel? Coz, you get things that you would never get otherwise. Like the packets of Uncle Chips I found today at one stall at Kanjurmarg station. Uncle Chips isn't available in major fault with this city. It wasn't available until now anyway.
So, this guy who owns the stall... He has all these different brands of chips... ONLY CHIPS. So today, I found my precious Uncle Chips. :D :D
I was going to buy 10 packets. But then carrying them would've been a problem. (Plus, I think I would've looked a little crazy) So I bought only two. However, I finished one on the way. :( Too much of a glutton I am... Sigh. What to do now?
Anyway, I've decided to buy 2 packets everyday and stock up.
Also, the world is ending on May 20th... so I should satiate my greed for Uncle Chips before I die. :) And watch Pirates of the 3D. My parents refuse to come with me to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D... I think they wouldn't watch it even if it were in 1D... the sadness. Anyway, I've been asking people to go see the movie with me. I like company while watching movies... So right now hopefully Raghu will come watch the movie with me. :)
Anyway, gotta go now.
Dinner beckons
Till my next dose of uncle chips
The Rambler

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