Monday, May 9, 2011


Call me a nerd or the goddess of nerdness if you wanna, but is there anything better than stationery? I mean, come on, the smell of the fresh pages of the book when you open it for the first time, the crisp ink that flows out of the nib of the just recently filled ink pen (or blots as the case may be ), the sharpness of the tip of a newly sharpened pencil... I mean its all wonderful...isn't it?
I have been collecting stationery since god knows when. I love collecting flags of different types, stick ons of different color, staplers, punchers... You name it and I have it or I'll buy it.
I love spending hours at the stationery shop. I have so much fun trying out each pen. Be it glitter pens, Ball pens, Ink pens, Roller ball pens, etc etc... Yeah, I know, I know too many pens for my own good. Sad it is. But then, it is SO MUCH FUNNNNNNNN
I love spiral notebooks. They are so much easier to fold and write into. And you can keep a pen where the spiral is. You know what I like more than Spiral notebooks? Spiral notebooks with dividers in them for different sections. Super cool they are.
Sometimes I think, the only reason I attend classes are so I can use my stationery.
And I use my books so that I can adorn them with flags.
And I take notes so that I can see the ink flowing out of the pen onto the paper.

The blue looks so brilliant
The black so sombre and deep
The red, displaying flamboyance
As the pens across the paper sweep

Yes... stationery does have the power to inspire poetic thoughts in me. Complete slave I become when I see a stationery shop. And ask the shopkeepers to get me to show everything they have. Until my mother literally drags me out of the shop. Ok... not literally. But then she is my funding source for stationery...
Stationery gives kind of a high. On my recent trip to London I spent some 10 pounds on stationery... :-| I know... Should trim down on such frivolous spendings... But it was a red LSE notebook and a red folder... I didn't have those with me. :P Well, my mom wasn't convinced with that reason anyway. And the worst part is,  I doubt I am ever going to use that notebook... Its so prettyyyyyyyyyy
I think I have waxed poetic enough (is that correct english???) on Stationery. I should stop. Maybe not. No I should... Arghhhhhhhhhh
Till my next quota of stationery shopping
The Rambler

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