Sunday, May 8, 2011

To do list if and when I have money to spare

I think I am going back to my old lazy days of not posting on the blog. What to do? I blame it on my genes. I am definitely sure that there's a laziness gene. When and if I make enough money, I am going to sponsor a research on this. Definitely! On the top of my to do list when you have money to spare.
And since we are on the topic of things to do when and if I have money to spare, here's the entire list:

1. Fund a research on the laziness gene
2. Buy a Buggati Veyron
3. Buy a Berkin
4. Buy one dress from Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab and Marchesa each
5. Buy Cartier jewelery and Harry Winston diamonds
6. Open a Swiss Bank account
7. Buy a house on the Upper East Side, French Riviera and Monaco
8. Buy a dress made of French Chantilly lace
9. Go eat at all those restaurants which I had mentioned in an earlier post
10. Open an ice cream place where they make all kinds of icecream except butterscotch
11. Buy a Belgian chocolate making factory
12. Get my own sushi chef
13. Get my own Chuck Bass and Mr. Darcy
14. Get J.K. Rowling to change the ending of the last Harry Potter book
15. Watch a Wimbledon final

I guess Money can buy happiness. If not, it can compensate in some awesome ways. :P
Well, I wanna add some more points to this list. But right now, this is where the list stands.
Lessee how the plan goes.
Till we meet again
The Rambler

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