Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Those annoying taxi drivers

Have you ever lived in Mumbai? Have you ever lived this side of Bandra where the taxi drivers reign? Have you noticed how unspeakably annoying they are? The whole lot of them. Not even one of them is good enough to travel for minimum fare.
Today was the limit. I was already late for office. Despite my most arduous effort to make it on time, yet again. Anyway, not a single one, not even one would stop for me and take me to the Dadar station. Just because it is minimum fare. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank god I love my hair too much or I swear I would be pulling it out. And so I trudged in the heat, laptop and charger in my backpack (And hey... the charger adds like 1 kilo to the backpack weight) all the way to the station. All my efforts of putting on gloss and nice kajal washed away with my sweat. Yes, I was sweating like a pig. A big bulbous fat pig! Thank god I was not wearing pink.
At least I got one piece of mercy today and the train arrived on time.
I was cursing those taxi drivers all along the way. Seriously, they are the most annoying people I have ever faced in my life.
Waiting not to take another taxi ride in my life EVER
The Rambler

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