Sunday, January 27, 2008


yoyoyoyoyoyo.........................................djokovic did finally win his maiden grand slam. i'm really happy for him. this was coming for a long time. the match was really good and looked like a slam final. but what i felt was that tsonga did not play the game that he played with nadal. whatever little number of dropshots that he played, djokovic was able to reach them. still the match was amazing. there were these great rallies which sent both of them running in all directions and reaching out for a variety of shots. the match was a wonderful display of brilliant tennis. and i got relly mad when electricity went off at our hostel(a perenial problem). i called up my dad and heard the match commentary from him for about fifteen minutes. this electricity problem is so darn irritating, but this one's about tennis. that will constitute another blog. back to the ao final, i really liked what they said during the presentation ceremony, describing djokovic and tsonga as "the champion and the champion in waiting". tennis has got two new stars from this years aus open. i felt that the crowd was very unfair towards djokovic and that they could have been a little more supportive of him. this austrlian open proved to be platform for djokovic to prove that he had the goods to take down the world number one in a slam and win the slam along the way. he had the mettle to be considered among the best in the world. and is now a serious contender for all grand slams. this open also proved to be the place where tsonga announced to the world loud and clear that he had the goods needed to win against the some of the higher ranked players. he has arrived in the tennis circuit. nadal needs to figure out a way to win against him. and soon. hats off to these two very brilliant and magnificent (and cute) players. congratulations. hope to see both of u win many many more tournaments in the future and dazzle tennis fans with your wonderful array of tennis.
signing off waiting for the french open to start.................
the rambler

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