Wednesday, January 9, 2008

stars among us

I just finished watching tare zameen par. Hats off to Aamir Khan for bringing such a wonderful cinematic experience into the lives of people. The movie is beautifully directed and the portrayal of the small kid by Darsheel Safary and of the empathetic teacher by Aamir is just right. The movie is touching and moving and exposes associated with children (even giving glimpses of child labour) the movie is definitely a work of art. I really admire Aamir Khan for carrying off this absolutely amazing venture. I am running out of words to describe my experience of watching this movie. All I can say is that Aamir Khan can count me in his fan club. Even young Darsheel. To emote the feelings the way that he did on the screen at such a young age and to actually move people to tears while doing so speaks loads for his acting prowess.
There have been only three movies that have been able to move me to tears. One was lion king (by far the best animated movie ever made), when simba’s dad dies. I was sobbing in that scene and whether that was because of my young age(don’t remember my age but I was really young) or not I do not recall, but that was, is and will be one scene that will be etched in my mind forever. The other movie that I cried in was stepmom, during Susan Sarandon’s last conversation (supposedly) with her kids. I remember that I didn’t want to cry and had this huge lump in my throat till tears finally formed in my eyes. The third movie, I don’t remember the name (please do not laugh). But it was this really touching story of the friendship between a Jewish boy and a catholic boy. The Jewish boy has leukaemia and he carries out ten tasks that will ensure him some sort of holy bread that ensures that Catholics who have had that bread go to heaven. And by the time the catholic boy gets the bread it’s too late. The hospital scene really moved me. I think tare zameen par definitely has a place in this list. I didn’t sob through the entire movie but the movie was definitely touching and tears did swell up in my eyes for some parts of the movie.
A final word- tzp is one cinematic experience that no one should miss.
the rambler
p.s- please do forgive any spelling errors as it is the product of toil at 1:00 in the night
The Rambler


Subiet said...

1) Tare zameen pey is overhyped.

2) go watch 'october sky' (no, it is not about special kids, it is about kids who do something special)

3) child labour in tare zameen pey, nice observation, impressed.


fight for all the wrong reasons said...

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