Sunday, January 13, 2008

the australian open

the australian open starts today( i.e 14 jan). can't wait for it. i'm rooting for rafa this time( as always). i am simply in love with the passion he displays on courts with his fistpumps and all. i hope there's a final showdown between the rafa and fedex like in last year's wimbeldon final. i had absolutely enjoyed that match even though rafa lost. i feel that it was the best match in which both of them featured even better than the french open which was also very good. i wish rafa would win on some other surface other than clay. i hope he wins wimbledon before federer wins french. he's already been declared the king of clay(81 undefeated matches on that surface- no mean feat) its time he made his mark on surface other than clay. he came pretty close to doing it on grass during last years wimby. if only had the last set swung in his favour the story would have been different. with federer not being as invincible as he was in the past rafa has the chance of winning on other surfaces. but then there are so many young players also coming up. one of them whom i really admire is novak djokovic. he has some really nice moves on the court and its fun to watch him play. being at number three he is the player rafa should be wary about. but this time around he is on federer's side of the draw.there's also andy murray who is really good too and he's also in the bottom half of the draw. there's roddick on nadal's side of the draw, which can be problem. davydenko and gasquet are also in the bottom half of the draw. but i am so hoping to see nadal in the the top half of the draw apart from djokovic, there's lleyton hewitt, marat safin and nalbandian in top half of the draw to give federer company. that's the men's draw. in the women's draw there could be a possible meeting between henin and sharapova in the quarterfinals. and i think henin is already through to the second round. the top seed could meet serena williams or jelena jankovic in the semifinal. henin could also meet davenport in the quarterfinals. kuznetsova and chakvetadze could meet in the quarterfinals and a possible meeting with venus williams or ivanovic. i do hope that the women's final is more interesting this time around. last year sharapova was completely anhillated by serena. i do hope that this time around henin wins the slam. i really admire her, especially her backhand. it's one of the best in tennis right now. i also admire federer's backhand. well, most(probably all) of federer's serves and shots are immaculate and precise and beautiful(yes beautiful, no other word was coming to my mind). well that's what i have to say before the first slam of the year starts.with so many good players and and so much competition out there, may the best man( i hope its nadal) and woman win. cya till my next post
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