Friday, January 25, 2008


federer and nadal both not in the running for the austrlian open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while nadal is still trying to get comfortable on other surfaces, seeing federer lose at a slam semi, that too in straight sets is astonishing. he seemed to be master of all surfaces(well except clay where he was probably the jack). djokovic was good, infact very good. but federer wasn't federer.he had too many unforced errors and he wasn't serving like federer. the backhand slice was simply not slicing over the net. and he had problems throughout the match. i have never seen him play so dismally. but not taking credit away from djokovic, he was good yesterday in the match. the way he made the ball move was nice. and his crosscourt shots were sizzlers. the shots were finding the baseline and the corners of the boxes. i especially liked that one shot where the ball went out of court due to its sharp angle and he curved the ball into the court. amazing stuff. his serves were also really good. while djokovic stepped up, federer really wasn't himself. maybe what happened was inevitable, but i had imagined it to atleast go on to be a five setter. djokovic had problems with his drop shot and he needs to work on that if he wants to win against the muscular frenchman jo wilfred tsonga. that was another excellent match. while in federer's case i was at the edge of my seat, especially when federer and djokovic were head to head in the tiebreak. the other semifinal belonged to tsonga from the beggining till the end. what a player. he sizzled in that match. while he had answers to everything that nadal gave him, nadal couldn't come up with convincing answers for the shots tsonga gave him. he played drop shot after drop shot after another. and what wonderful shots. nadal had absolutely no answer for them. tsonga had the net game, the baseline game, the drop shots, the power(really fast serves), the aces. what ever i say about his game will never be enough. i have never seen such wide display of shots been out up in a single match(though it was basically the drop shot which got him through). he was impeccable in the semifinal. evn rafa said that it was not he who played poorly but tsonga who put up a fine game. i wonder where was this one helluva player till now? being unseeded, he has sent off three top ten players. really commendable. the sunday final is going to be one scorcher, atleast i hope it will. while i was really hoping for a federer nadal final, i don't think i'm going to miss them much. because the feast of tennis that this year's ao finalists have put out is simply delectable. with two such very talented players who have packed away the top two seeds, i hope the final will not be a dissapointment. signing off while waiting for australian open women's final to start...............
the rambler
p.s. women's final this time is sharapova( remarkable win over henin) and ivanaovic( amazing how someone can recover from 0-6). cameramen are going to have field day.
The Rambler

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