Friday, December 2, 2011

A day in the library

Ok... So I was in the library, as the post title so nicely suggests. Well, I was in the library trying to pacify my guilt for not being in the library for two days because I was sick from my cold and cough. Someone aptly said, "You know you are a masters student when you feel guilty everytime you relax."
I have assignments due. No surprises there. I want to go attend a bop tonight, but the lack of company and guilt is a strong enough motivator to ensure that I don't. I have a report to finish. And assignments to work on. Yeah, I already mentioned that. Need to go buy milk and bananas tomorrow.
And chips. I have recently learnt that chips and milk can constitute a complete meal. I am quite serious! Check it out sometime.
Anyway, NOT a long post. I am just bored. And I should sleep now.
Till we meet again
The Rambler

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