Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Okay... so it was fine for a couple of days. I mean it was nice to get back to the noise. But I am officially hating these protesters at Indu Mills. I don't know how much of a nuisance the government finds these people, but they are currently running my blood pressure up. I mean... why in the whole wide world would you need a mic to speak to 10 people sitting close to you? And no... I don't want to hear what you say. I am not interested in your opinions and your rights and all that. I would just like to sit in peace and watch Liz Lemon mess up. Or lie at the very edge of my bed and sleep and not be scared of falling off with every shout you give off on your mic. Am I SERIOUSLY asking for too much? Am I? AM I??????????????

Apart from that, its been rather nice to be back home. I missed Bombay sooooo much. And I've realized that there is no other city I would rather be in. I've heard from someone that NYC comes close, but then why would I opt for something that comes close when I've got the real thing all along. :D So, Bombay is the city where I want to make my life. I would obviously like a little less of the above. But then, I guess, its all in a day's work.
I could now moan about my job hunt efforts, but eh... I'd rather talk about fun things here. And I am currently more pissed off than distressed, so don't quite feel like whining.

I could talk about the food. In fact, I will talk about the food. I had the most amazing butter chicken here. Now, if I would have been in England, I would've been served with a sweet saltless curry in the name of the famous dish instead of the mildly spicy yet buttery sweet preparation we get here. I mean... C'mon. Also, there is a wikipedia article on Butter Chicken :D Awesome na?
Anyway, I am glad to be back home. And eat food with appropriate amounts of salt. And no sugar thank you. And non smelling meat. Oh god... it must sound like I really hate the food out there. Actually I only hate the Indian food. And the meats. I have practically turned vegetarian after going there. The thai food there is awesome. The green curries just lip smackingly good. And the garlic prawns and pad thai noodles very satisfying. But the Indian food really disappointed me. I guess I just have really high standards. :D
Anyway, need to get back to some highly boring work. And to continue cursing the people at Indu Mills.
Enjoying some more days of the good life
The Rambler


rM said...

I presume that you study in the U.K. too and must say that your post makes me extremely jealous. I have been here through the holidays and i miss the food and noise. Truly there is no place like Bombay, its the real deal!

pandemonium said...

Yeah... Bombay is pretty much the best place to live in :)