Sunday, April 13, 2008


wading through the dark bog
alone, and without another
he treaded on the dangerous path
there went a wounded soldier

battles had exhausted him
he was embittered
his soul was tired by the constancy
his body was hurt

he made his way
from one battlefield to the next
and helped his fellow soldiers
brave against a new test

he felt alone
even when he was with others
the war had stripped him of
every inch of love for human brothers

he would probably have been
friends with the man on the other side
had they met under circumstances
other than a war could provide

he had lost friends and foes
and was left without a companion
he had no more to lose
and was surviving like a minion

he had joined the forces
in order to support his family
a job to take care of expenses
that was now proving costly

he fought for the country
he fought for his countrymen
and hoped that his family
would have a safe haven

he hoped the war to end
and to be able to see rising sun
without an iota of dread in his body
and no desire to turn away and run

but the war continued
and with it took many lives
including the soldier's
and killed them many times

the war is futile
the war is insane
the war has
no reason to sustain

and still it continues to plague
parts of the world far and near
killing many like and unlike
the likes of the wounded soldier

The Rambler

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MadaintI said...

i agree ..rhymin scheme is abcb..
but somehow the first 2 paras it wasn't that obvious..
neways..nice one again