Wednesday, April 23, 2008

21 more days to go back home...sigh

STILL 21 LONG DAYS(DAYS ARE LONGER IN SUMMER) TO GO BACK HOME. am longing to be back home and squat in my room. my cousins are also visiting. life couldn't get better in the vacations. we are also going on a holiday. i can't wait for the compre's to get over.15 days...yes 15 longs days the exams continue. but then its better. we do get time between the various subjects to study. and then in the true sense of the word after a long time...
anyway...daily life in goa in becoming unbearable with each passing day, and it has nothing to do with my yearning to be back home. the rising temperatures and the relentless heat and humidity with the generous servings of regular power cuts has made existence really uncomfortable. exams are going to be torturous as they continue right till the middle of may. i hope that the exams get over as soon as possible so that i can go back home and have fun with my cousins.
people are cribbing about being home for two and a half months. i wonder why?
i am looking forward to it.
in bombay i've got to meet all my school friends...nikita, ashish, tania, isha, raja...
will be fun...will be meeting them after a year. have only messaged on talked on the phone with them.
will get to watch the French open and the Wimbledon at home without having to fight for the remote or worry whether a cricket match would be going on at the same time.
ipl started...saw a little bit of it...kolkata knight riders versus bored after sometime.
i wonder how people like cricket...there are so many people on the can you concentrate on each one of them. tennis is better...there are just two players on the court and the ball at a given time during the match will lie with only one of them or neither.
its 7'o clock...baba will call in sometime to wish good morning...have to get ready for class.
today i have last eg more of that stuff...till the compre's...thats my last exam btw
i'd better post this...before the net conks out again...a regular feature in my college...
signing off
waiting to be back home for TWO AND A HALF MONTHS...STARTING MAY 15
the rambler

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