Sunday, April 13, 2008

nothing to do

i have absolutely nothing to do...
i've been trying to read a single page of bio for the past hour and have so far been unsuccesful.
electricity is coming on and off...there's no water and there are some culturals going on in the audi for ugadi...telegu new year. its obvious that since a large part of the population here in my coll is telegu, there will be telegu new year celebrations. tomorrow is bengali new happy new year all fellow bongs. i get to wear a new dress...thats the best part.
i almost forgot to mention...i bought my guitar...was so happy yesterday. have told sigtia to teach me...
am sleepy...dunno whats wrong with me. its so hot in goa. its difficult to survive. and the worst part is that it is sultry and hot...and thats what makes it unbearable. even the lts are unbearable..especially since the ac's aren't working.
have started getting up in the mornings to go for walks. well, have gone for walks twice. hope to continue....
hunger beckons...
then again...thinking...just thinking about mess food kills my appetite.
can't wait to go back home and go for the holiday, just me and mamma and baba.
can't wait to go back home to meet esha and trisha after almost a year. love them so much...they are the only sisters i have.
signing off
waiting to get up and go for my morning walk tomorrow,
compre's to start,
compre's to end,
and finally be back home for a good two and a half months.
the rambler

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