Saturday, February 9, 2008


the days, dark and black
flip past, like the pages of a book
the joy that they seem to lack
make the day like a lonely rider by the brook

the skies in hues of red
the mood in the throes of gloom
the picture of all around dread
all over the darkness loom

the roses turn dark
like the shadow of a lone cadaver
the scene looks stark
not a soul to stir

the drought brought with it
many a parched soul
the dark in the night lit
like the ghost of a ghoul

the hungry eyes searched far and wide
for a drop of the sweet wine
pushing fears aside
letting the thirst entwine

the sun shone, bright and hot
the body trying to thrive
the days seemed long and unsought
in grips of fervour they survive

the days and nights seemed endless
a long and poignant struggle
the prayers seemed pointless
hopes were like a huge mound of rubble

this continued till people
could no longer endure it
then was sent the death ripple
no sign of life around the death pit

the rain then poured as if
the clouds had that one reason to survive
washing away the last signs of life
giving them the poison that killed them alive

The Rambler


fight for all the wrong reasons said...

so i did put up another poem.
was going to be a simple one but the verses just popped into my head
so had to write them down somewhere

MadaintI said...

As usual..nice one...
man..i am awed at the way you knit those sentences..amazing..
nd that workshop thing..i get irritated fast..u must b knowing it very well..:)..jus dont mind what i say..i blabber lot of nonsense when im not in a good mood..
And i will never ever delete ne of my matter what..thos r my treasures..

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Nicely woven....liked the fluidity nd the usage of words....

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Rather dark infact....u suffering frm depression or sumthng?or jus feeling lonely?

fight for all the wrong reasons said...

not feeling lonely. am not depressed either
this sort of thing just comes into my mind....
u should read some of my other poems....
someone usually dies
and am coming home on 20 march....
do i get some treat?

The Tentacles of Thought said...

20 march...hmm...lets c....yea daab chingri...frm oh calcutta...

fight for all the wrong reasons said...

can't wait for it

fatboyslim said...

its cool .. xD i liked it