Thursday, February 21, 2008


i have a headache. you must have probably realized it from the topic of my blog. bio and chem gave me this headache. i now officially hate these two subjects especially when i have to appear for a paper in both of them in one day itself. and my wonderful college faculty doesn't even think twice before not giving us a study leave for bio. well the headache is growing in catastrophic proportions. i had physics today and that was bad enough in itself. i hate writing papers. why can't we be evaluated on a daily basis. that is so much more practical. studying for bio and chem on the same day is just so irritating. especially when u have a bio teacher who explains the subject as if he were telling a story. and a chem teacher who is hardly audible during the lecture. i hate hate hate hate having to do bio and chem on the same day. this is very very irritating. u can probably understand my level of irritation by the fact that i am using the word 'irritating' over and over and over again. bio and chem together are a perfect combination to give u a headache, something like lots of booze and loud music and bright sunlight the next day( i haven't tried it but this combination seems to be perfect, based on the numerous movies and sitcoms that i've watched). i just realized that i actually did better than what i usually do in a phy paper and all the credit goes to lae( i have mentioned her in some previous post too and raja liked the way lae sounded). i'm going to treat her. my headache is receding. blogging is a good antidote for headaches caused due to bio+chem studies. yesterday also when i was bugged of phy, i wrote doen a poem on moonlight. the moonlight yesterday was beautiful. it seemed as if it tried to fill up the vacuous space caused by the dearth of light in our campus .( yes our exams started today and yesterday the college did not have even an iota of electricity in the hostels except for the main building.) the college was literally plunged into darkness and the moon shone in its full glory as if to make up for whatever we lacked in light. the night was truly beautiful. but i had to study physics. and today i have to study chem+bio. which is very irritating.
well now my headache's gone. better sit down to study, otherwise will repent it tomorrow.
signing off
waiting for test1 to end, waves to start, eg mid sem to end and to go back home.........
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The Tentacles of Thought said...

Well...wat to say.evn we hv similr make it worse are the last minute studies.we dnt hav bio tho.chem is a serious pain in the ass.