Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is India really free of sectarian boundaries?

the recent state of affairs in certain parts of the country has brought me to ponder over the question- are imaginary and baseless boundaries constructed on the foundations of caste, creed, religion, region still thriving on the Indian land? The recent tirade of the some political parties against certain sections of the society not only represents the suppression of freedom of domain, but also the rights that the Indian constitution gives to its citizens are being challenged by such actions. True, a democracy guarantees the freedom of expression, but then the freedom of expression which leads to the curbing of other’s right to free expression, speech and the right to move about in any part of the country, without facing any bias in the form of caste, creed, region or religion should not be allowed.
Actions of the these political parties and their supreme heads, is defying the basic idea of patriotism. A true patriot is an Indian first and a maharashtrian or a Bengali or a keralite later. We are known to the world across our national borders as Indian citizens and not as a citizen of a particular state. The basic purpose of the formation of states is to make the functioning of the large democracy that India is easier. But sporadic acts such as these, which could well turn into frequent reportings, not only make the handling of the functioning of the state machinery difficult, but also create inhabitable living conditions for those living in the state. The violence and the chaos that these so called rallies lead to is not good for the health of the state or the country or its citizens.
my hometown(the town i now reside in, not the town where i was born. and its a city not a town) is what it is due the people who live in it. There is no other place in the whole of India that exudes the same charm and the same warmth that this city gives. the city embraces anyone and everyone who comes with dreams and aspirations to this city that never sleeps. she is the ray of hope for the countless people who come to its shore looking for luck, jobs and money. she has never disappointed anyone and has never turned its back on anyone. the attempt by these political parties to rupture the continuous social fibre that binds all the citizens of this city, is nothing but a very barbarian attempt by them to garner publicity, bad though it may be, for themselves. Do these political leaders really think that this strategy is one that guarantees them seats in the legislature for a long time?far from it, they can also forget about extending their parties to be functional in states apart from their local ones.
The reason for their outburst against that particular section of the society is being accredited to the fact that the influx of these people is rendering the people of that state jobless. But seriously, aren’t the people of that state grown up adults? The people belonging to that state (read people who converse in the local dialect/language of that state, as defined by these parties) should pull up their pants and look for jobs instead of being handed out employment by these politicos. Apparently the presence of these so called ‘non members of the state’ is the reason why the so called ‘state citizens’ are suffering as they are left bereft of job opportunities. But if the ‘the citizens of the state’ were really in dire need of employment, they would have gone and got themselves employed rather than squat in their house unemployed. The use of force against the particular section for such inane matters is a despicable act and should be condemned.
Already the flight of people belonging to that particular section from different parts of the state has created a major shortage of labour there. There are just not enough 'state citizens' who can fill up the vacuum created by the deficit of cheaper labour from that particular section of the state belonging to some other state. What is completely despicable of this entire chain of events is the fact that it is mainly the labour classes that are being targeted. There are dangers to people belonging to the better off strata of the society, but it is mainly the poor labourers who are bearing the brunt of this uncalled for outburst.
to conclude, I would like to say that
You can take people out of the place, but you can’t take the place out of the people. A city or a state for that matter is made up of the people who reside in it. Taking those very people out from that place damages the social and cultural fibre of which each and every person staying in that place is a part of, rendering tension in the atmosphere of the place. The scenery of peace and serenity is damaged and the place descends to chaos and mayhem. The presence of a plethora of people from different parts of the country gives that place a vibrant flavour. The very act of snatching away this vibrancy is contemptible, cowardly, vile and repugnant and should be immediately stopped.
Signing off
Waiting for a better era to dawn upon the Indian land where political parties do not make use of the regional differences to divide people, and my hometown becomes the hometown I know and cherish........
The rambler

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