Sunday, June 16, 2013


The monsoons are finally here. Actually, they've been here for a while and I have just gotten around to writing about them. I love the monsoons. It makes me happy. Maybe because I am a really soppy romantic person deep down inside and I love the romance of the season. Or maybe because I am one of those nature enthusiasts who loves the fresh washed green look after the rains. Or maybe, I am just a depressed person at the end of it all and because the weather is so gloomy, it makes me happy. Whatever, be the reason, I really love the rains. I could stand on my balcony for hours and watch the pitter patter. I could watch the sea link slowly become visible. I could watch the sun shine through the clouds and I could watch the day becoming darker.
Rains always remind of the first time I entered college. It was the end of July. The campus was newly washed with rains. Green. Foreboding and inviting at the same time. I was excited. Because I was going to college. And apprehensive, since, being the protective only child, this was the first time I was going to be all alone. Away from home. I still remember my first night. I remember being a bitch and asking the other girls to shut up so I could get some shut eye. I remember the bed feeling so unknown. I remember waking up the next morning and finding the surroundings unfamiliar but realising in a second that a new chapter in my life had started. I knew college was going to help me come out on my own. I was an introvert till then. Still am I think. But I didn't have close friendships, wasn't one of the popular girls or never had a group I could hang out with. I used to study. And read and watch tv. I did all that in college. But in moderation. I did a lot of other things.
I think college helped me become more confident of myself. And more importantly, it helped me be myself. I could be my crazy self and still know I had friends who would stand by me. The 3.5 years I spent in Goa pretty much helped me shape my plans and attitude for the rest of my life. And made me comfortable about the fact that they could change.
College will probably the most important event in anyone's life. I mean. You have school which you spent more time in. But there is something about university. Atleast, it was for me. It's maybe to do with making friendships that last a lifetime. Or maybe to do with taking the first step towards independence. Or for some, maybe their first love. Everyone has their own reasons. But for me, it was about discovering myself, enhancing those traits and becoming the person I am today.
I have so many memories, events and incidents associated with college. If I close my eyes, I could still see them. As if they are taking place this very moment. And each of them had contributed to my growth. All of them, throughout the 3.5 years I spent in college. All of them, be it college fests, classes or trips.
I have been to two universities, yet, there is something about your undergraduate life. It's what you tell your grandkids. Definitely hide from your kids but hope they have it too. The kind of crazy person you were. You tell them about the time when opportunities seemed endless and afternoons lazy. When you didn't have to think about responsibilities or get mowed down by worries. You just lived in the moment as you lay in the shallow beach waters with a beer in your hand. Or when you had to make an hours trip out of the campus middle of the exams because you wanted to have a keema paratha. Or you decided to watch MIB or an entire season of House the day before your exams. Or take a long walk across the campus as it poured. You could just relax and remain suspended in that moment.
Yeah. College days will probably be the best as everyone moves on with their lives.
Everyone talks about missing their college days. I do not. Because to miss them, they would have to leave me.
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