Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting ready

So... I am getting ready to go off to uni for my masters. And by getting ready I don't mean packing. I am just watching my mom and dad pack. :) Utterly lazy I have become in the last two months when I was at home with absolutely zilch to do. Hopefully some of the laziness will wear off one the course starts. Else quite frankly, I'm screwed.
Today in US open final at some ungodly hour in the night. I'm not watching. Will try and catch the highlights. I so wanted Federer to be in the finals. Not because I am a Federer fan. But simply because its easier for Nadal to beat Federer than to beat Dokovic. Especially after he has admitted that he has some sort of a mental block against Djokovic.
I know I had made tall claims of writing with a particular topic in mind. But I am not feeling for, against or neutral about anything at the moment. And I was feeling kinda guilty for not writing anything for so long.
Hence all this nonsense.
Anyway, dunno when I'll be able to post again.
Hoping against hope that Nadal wins
Till the next post
The Rambler

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