Saturday, December 8, 2007

the merciless plauderer

he ravished the city
filling with tears the night sky
breaking the serenity
that had brought them joy

he didn't spare a soul
marking a blood drenched history
what was his goal
will be told in this story

fathered by a robber
sold for a gun
led his childhood as a pauper
and adolescence on the run

mutiny,bloodshed,hatred followed
wherever he went
people angrily bellowed,
'have u all of ur humanity spent?'

such a conqueror was he
with a heart hard as stone
until he met she
a beauty with a melodious tone

he captured and carried her away
under the watchful stars
and that was the fateful day
that was to be his las'

she was no ordinary earthling
for was summoned by the gods
to stop the spree of killing
that took lives of hoardes

into the darkness of the night
they took a quick flight
nor was he the shining armour knight
she was the beholder's delight

as they progressed
swift in he desert cold
she fearlessly removed
her sharp shining sword

with a swift movement
she plunged it into his chest
so apt was the atonement
for the heart which had attacked many a nest

his reasons for anarchy were simple
he loved the scent of power
he wanted his dynasty never to crumble
and people live in his fear

bereft of tender emotions
like love affection and care
he yielded to man's baser passions
and took to warfare

he wasn't a gentleman
in the true sense of the word
for he respected no human
and worshipped the sword

he wanted to rule the world
with people at his feet
he didn't want to see a free bird
and thrived only on meat

yet on that fateful night
he was reduced to a lifeless form
laid down without even a fight
not even a single mourner,against the norm

'who will cry for thee?'
cried the gods in unison,
'who killed people without decree,
forcing them to hate the rising sun .'

'hail the justice, hail the gods'
'for the bright sun we see today'
say the people,'hail the lords,
for since today, we strive in peace and harmonay'


The Tentacles of Thought said...

Hi...lovely post to start with....Wat was this....ballad or an epic....well written...

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Keep bloggin.....therez lot to be done to keep it running.....waiting for next post...