Thursday, November 22, 2012

The joy of writing

I was going through my blog and I realised how much I missed writing. I really do miss it terribly. It is a shame that I don't write more. I really should. But something always seems to come up.

Anyway, here I am. Writing.
Doing one of the things that I adore.
I have work to do. Stuff to study.
But here I am, writing.

I find writing to be extremely soothing. Its one of those things which can calm you immediately. The other is probably sedatives. Its an outlet for all the rage and joy and sorrow. Its cathartic for those who need the catharsis. Its rejuvenating for those who are exhausted from their worldly activities. Its energizing for those who are down. In short, its the miracle drug. Capable of bringing out your best and guiding you through your worst.

What you write is hardly important. What is more important is that you write. You write what you truly feel. From your heart. And in doing that, you grow. You research for what you write. Your knowledge grows. You contemplate what you write. In that, your acuity grows. Writing is, and will always be, the best way for growth.

I like writing. Be it poetry. Be it verse. Be it any style. Fiction. Non-fiction. Opinion. By writing you transform the chaos inside your head into something concrete. Something worthwhile. All those thoughts weren't complete rubbish. And you have proof that it isn't time wasted. Its been utilised to contemplate and conclude.

Writing is that place of solace
That is warm and inviting
In writing you find your Nirvana,
And so here I am, writing.

The Rambler

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