Sunday, October 9, 2011

New beginnings.

As one life ends, a new one will begin
As you change cities, new people to win
As you come into a city, sunny and raining
Looking skyward and at my  new beginning

New beginnings eh? Yeah... definitely for me.
I have started cooking for one. Picked up reading again. And lost my enthusiasm for Gossip Girl. 
Started having a proper breakfast made by me. (Today on the menu is bread toast with cream cheese, hot chocolate and chocos with bananas and milk. Fancy eh? Gets fancier if I add raspberries and strawberries.)
Anyway, new beginnings has also brought new people into my life. New interactions. New revelations.
And new studies too. Yeah... definitely a lot of studying. Which I should start with. Once I figure out how to wake up in the morning. 
Yes... other not so nice new things are the fact that its insanely cold here. Ok... maybe its a bit of exaggeration, but I come from Bombay. So, even a tiniest amount of cold weather can probably give me hypothermia. 
Also, it has diminished my enthusiasm for Gossip Girl. Quite sad it is. I used to swear by this show once upon a time. And nowadays, I just watch the episode once. ONCE! And that's that. Quite sad.
It's 6:30 in the morning now. Not even a hint of sunlight.
I need to get ready soon because I need to leave for a class at a place which is a 30 minute walk from my place. So... Need to finish breakfast and get ready and wash dishes and I dunno... do whatever else that I need to do before I get ready. 
Off to face the cold world
Wish me luck
The Rambler

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